Monday, April 28, 2008

I made it almost a year, I think....

...without getting sick (minus the food poisoning that almost killed me in Maui).

It has helped not being in Family Medicine clinics. Most of my patients are ill with cancer(s), but are not usually come in contagious. So, I have been able to stay fairly healthy since my clinical rotations ended last year when I was still in PA school.
BUT...BUT.... ug

I am home today ill. I guess all the non-stop work & home schtuffs has caught up to me. I have the plague (as Hubby would say). I am feverish, exhausted, sore throat, watery eyes, exhausted some & See! I do have the plague. Ok. Not really. No need for anyone to start chanting, "Bring out your dead!" points to anyone who knows that quote (family isn't allowed to answer this one!)

So, I am not completely work free. I have answered a few work emails. Awww...the joys of having a Cranberry (aka Blackberry). I am tied to my email/pager. THANKFULLY the pager has been silent today. Knock on wood! Also, thankfully my doc is back in town (he was out most of last week.)


I know some of you are curious about the home showing that occured yesterday. Well, Hubby got a call from OUR realtor this am. She said it went very well & the couple is highly interested. Hopefully I am not jinxing it by blogging about it. I am also trying to not get too excited about it, but it is hard not to. She is going to help them get pre-qualified for it. Not a bad sign, eh? EEEE!!! See, I am having a hard time containing myself. Man, that was just the FIRST showing so far!!! They all said it showed "beautifully" and again the realtor said it is "staged perfectly." EEE!!!!

Ok. Calm Alli. Ya can't get too excited.....

So, we are still considering all of our options in regards to a home we will buy (new vs. used). However, we are leaning towards building one.

We really think this one looks so pretty..... It is a new plan, so no actual pictures available yet.

Ok. Back to resting. soooo tired.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


We've got our first bite!!!

I mean tomorrow we'll get bitten...

Keep your fingers & toes crossed for us!!!!!


We've got to find a better way...

I am sure some of you have already heard about the problems with biofuel.....

We definitely need to keep researching and find a better solution to our fuel problems....

The Ethanol Boondoggle

Burning Money & Fuel

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We did it..

Well, we did it.

We finally placed our townhome on the market.

It's official!

Let's all hope we can sell it!!! And hopefully at or near full price!

Wish us luck!!

Here is just one of the photos that will be online...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Borrowed from ETK!

Copy and paste & add your own words.

*Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...they have to be real places, names, things...nothing madeup! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question. You're up!! It's not as easy as you think!!!

What is your name?: Alli
A four letter word : Alto
Name a vehicle : Accord
Name a city : Austin
A boy's name: Allen
A girl's name : Amy
A drink : Amaretto Sour
Name a celebrity : Allen Alda (2 pts for me, too!!!) :)
A reason for being late: Accident in traffic
Something you shout: @ss!!! although Jack is usually in front of it. (sorry's usually only when I'm driving.)
Dessert: Angel food cake
Name a song: Allison by Elvis Costello

Do it people! :) It was fun!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Didn't Realize How Much I Love It

My car that is...

I had been without it for a day so the windshield could be replaced and so it could get routine maintenance. I had a loaner car that was...lets just say...of lesser desire for me. It was little and kinda zippy, but I missed my blue beauty. :) It's weird how getting in a different car is such a foreign feeling. AND I have gotten so spoiled with being able to change the radio channels and volume on my stearing wheel....the loaner car didn't have this and I kept trying to press the buttons there were non-existent. That was so annoying! However, I was thankful to have a loaner car at no cost to me. So, I shouldn't complain. THAT and I realized how nice my car is & how comfortable I am in it. I love it!

Wow, I love my car! It's sooooo good to have it back.

Monday, April 14, 2008


sorry for not replying to your replies. I'm a poo-poo head right now. Yeah, that's right. I said poo-poo head. Wannafightaboutit?

Oh and by the case some of you were wondering....

I deleted a post about NOT putting our house on the market right away, because I think we ARE going to in the next few weeks.... we had a little freak-out Saturday night, but we calmed down. We had a bad case of the over-analysing. Pups & I are two peas in a pod about many things and that is one of them. We analyze and analyze and analyze some more. Must be the science dorks in us. We are cute, but we are big dorks, too. ;) We're so wishy-washy at times. Sheeshers.

We had that realestate couple come by & they took a look at our place. They said, "It's so cute & well taken care of." "Staged perfectly." "Great landscaping." We just a few somewhat minor things to take care of. Then we just need to sign the papers, get the sign in our yard (it's in our garage right now) & photos for them to put online.


So, know anyone that needs/wants a 3-yeard-old townhome?


Saturday, April 12, 2008

So sorry

Sorry I haven't been blogging. I have felt completely uninspired to do so. I guess you could call it a blogging slump.

Work is still going very well. I have been there just over 2 months now & I think I am doing well. It is a massive patient load at times, but it's doable. For being a newbie, I think I am handling things well. I've only cried once! ;) I still have a million and one questions everyday, but that's how we learn, right? Better me asking a million questions than making a million mistakes. I make those, too (and get a hand slapping from time to time...although not from my surgeon...he is amazingly's great).

As far as home stuffs, we have a realestate person coming over tomorrow to discuss putting our townhome on the market. Who knows, maybe it'll be on the market this week!

Again, sorry for the lack of and lame-o blogging lately. Pretty much all that consumes me right now is work, working towards selling our house, & looking for another.

I appreciate the few of you that still stop by. :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blah blah blah


1. Hubby & I are spending the weekend cleaning, organizing, working in the yard, and anything we can do to get closer to putting our home on the market. Wow!!!! We've never sold a home before. We're getting so close & it's kind of scary. HGTV is on a lot to get ideas, tips, and advice. Pack up the clutter & have less personal items around. Stage the house!!! It's all about the staging. We're working on it! Hubby has been doing amazing work in the yard & giving us great curb appeal. He also worked on organizing our kitchen closet. We want to show off how much great storage this place has! We'll have to suck it up in the evenings this week and continue working hard. We may be having a realestate person come by this up coming weekend to get us even closer.

2. We booked our tickets for our Mexico trip this fall with Mrs. & Mr. ETK. I've haven't been to Mexicon since I was like 3! Can you believe it??? We had thought about going there for my graduation trip, but decided on Maui instead. But NOW we are finally going. We still need to book our hotel & are looking into this little place in Yelapa which is near Puerto Vallarta. We already can't wait!! YEAH!!! The beach is already calling me!!! Thankfully we have the little Oregon trip coming up for my cousin's wedding. We'll be in need of that weekend get-away. We have to sneak another weekend get-away somewhere in between our Oregon and Mexico trip. Hubby & I need our get-aways!!!

3. Yesterday we went to my doc's home for a housewarming & his wife's (also my co-worker) bday party. Can I just say WOW! Their new house is soooo beautiful. Absolutely amazing! Some of the other Pink Ninja's were there, too & Hubby got to finally meet the surgeon I work with. We had a great time! Did I mention how awesome their house was!!! WOW!!! ;)

OK. Back to the house work for me....