Saturday, February 24, 2007

Great things to come this 30th year...

I've been thinking about all the wonderful things to come this year.....
We are in the process of planning a long Memorial Day weekend in Pensacola, Florida with ETK and Baby. We spent a week with them last summer there at Baby's company's townhome and had a GREAT time lounging on their white beaches, eating delicious foods, shopping, jet skiing, and a night of sailing. We are looking forward to a repeat!

In late June, we are going to try to have a long weekend with my BF and her hubby at their casa in San Francisco. Which will of course will lead to a day in Sonoma Valley's wine country as it usually does when I visit her there. She and I plan to celebrate our 30th year of life with much vino and fun! Our older, wiser hubbys will have to take good care of us that weekend!!! ;p

THEN on December 14th I will be graduating. WOW, that' not too far away! I'll also have to be prepping to take my board exam which I will take soon after that. To celebrate, we are going to try to take a long vacation somewhere. We are leaning towards another Hawaii vacation, but are considering some other tropical locations.
A lot of great things to come this 30th year! (by the way, it's not offically the 30th year until May.) :O)

Good times with good friends!

Cute Animals

How cute!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well, the hubby put the kennel back together, and so far so good.... hopefully it will last a little while longer.

I have decided that I am going to try a few new things. I am going to try to start getting up earlier and take her for a longer walk to help her sleep more during the day (plus it would be good exercise for me.) I may also take Jen's advice and see if I can find a Dog Whisperer DVD to get some good hints on how to better train her. It may be difficult with my busy schedule, but I need to try something.

Anywho, all is well. I am staying super busy with my current cardiology rotation, working 12 hour days M-F and some weekends. I am not working this weekend, but will be staying in writing a paper. This rotation ends next week, and then I will move onto a psych rotation in Kingwood......another long commute (and long hours). It'll incluce in & outpatient....should be quite interesting.....especially some of the inpatient.....

Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm so stumped, disappointed, & in tears

I just don't know what to do. The dog has now busted out of her 3rd kennel.

Apparently she greated the hubby at the door, and THANK GOD she didn't destroy the blinds like the last 2 times (once here and once in the old apt).

She is so strong and so determined to not be in a kennel. But she has to be or else she will potentially destroy things in our townhome.

Anyway, I am so frustrated, disappointed, tired, I just don't know what to do and have been in tears over it tonight. I have found some industrial crates online, but they are super expensive and would have to be ordered online.

I am now starting to wonder if maybe I need to find her a new home where someone has more time for her. Perhaps we are too busy for her. The thought of having to find her a new home brings me to tears.

But what do I do?


Sunday, February 18, 2007

I love my soccer ball!

Who's this handsome field guy?


The environmental hubby workin' hard!

Already 5 Months?!?!

I can't believe how fast they grow......

My new nephew is already 5 months!

I think he is surprised, too. ;) What a cutie!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy-happy Valentines Day!

The hubby and I exchanged our sweet little gifts, and then had a yummy meal at that Indian restaurant we had planned on going to for anniversary. It was delicish!

Well, I am pooped. I better go get some sleep so I can help people with their hearts tomorrow. ;p

Hope you all had a great Love Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our Plans Changed

Well, our Indian restaurant was closed so we ended up eating at another cute little restaurant near by called Thai Cottage by the Bay. It was delicious & romantic. :o)

We also had another major change. We decided that the first gift I received just didn't look right when on, so they got exchange for a beautiful Coach bag. Hubby is feeding my Coach addiction!!! ;p

Funny how things can change.....

We kept the anniversary low-key this year due to our busy schedules & exhaustion, but we had a great time!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

2 Wonderful Years!

Tomorrow is our 2 year wedding anniversary!!! I can't believe how these past 2 years have flown by. It's been a great 2 years & we both look forward to the many more to come. ;)

We're planning on having a nice meal at a quaint little local Indian restaurant. Oh, and we already exchanged gifts. The hubby couldn't wait to give me mine, and then of course I had to give him his. I am starting to see a trend in early gift giving. We're so impatient & excited.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Worst illness ever

Ok, not really. But man, this is the sickest I have been in a long time. I am usually quite healthy and only get the occasional cold once or twice a year. This clinical year, I get sick almost every new rotation, but this current one is kicking my bootie. I was not improving as quickly as I normally do and was still running a fever here and there, so I finally went to the doc yesterday. I actually was seen by a very nice PA whose Alma mater is my current PA program. She set me up with Omnicef (a 3rd generation cephalosporin antibiotic), some nasal spray, and a dexamethasone (steroid) shot so I could breath better. I am breathing much better today, with only a slight sore throat, runny nose (new word for you: rhinorrhea) and cough. I called the physician that I am working with this month, and has been INCREDIBLY understanding and great. Even though I am much better today, he insisted that I stay home today for another day of rest. Luckily I can make up the missed days over the weekends. Yes, I am actually happy I can make it up. I need the education!! Cardiology intimidates me, and I want to learn as much as I can this month!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Texas governor orders HPV vaccine for all girls

I personally think it is a great idea! I can understand parents concern about their daughters being forced to have the HPV vaccine, BUT they do have to option to opt out. This is the first time we have a vaccine that can totally prevent a cancer.

Here's the story:

Monday, February 5, 2007

Jumpin Jammerz part 2

Yes, THESE are awesome when you are cold and/or sick! Thanks again, ETK!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Sick again, but haven't lost sense of humor

Well, I lasted the entire rotation without getting sick, but NOW I am sick. Killer sore throat (Pharyngitis), body aches (myalgia), and running a low grade fever (febrile). GRRR. Now I have to decide whether or not I need antiobiotics or if this is just a virus. hmm...

Thought I'd share something funny.... and SO TRUE

Friday, February 2, 2007

Jumpin Jammerz!


Hubby & I are cold tonight, and I am fighting the start of an we are wearing THESE!!!! ;p


I just heard from a friend of mine that my previous employer has layed off over 100 employees and there will probably be more. That included a few people in the department that I was in. Very sad! I am so glad that hubby, me, and the friend who told me don't work there anymore! Very scary....

I wish the best to those who were layed off & to those who are in the threat.


6 done, 5 to go

I have already completed over half of my clinical rotations. OBGYN, pediatrics, geriatrics, internal medicine, underserved family medicine, & family medicine. On Monday I start my cardiology rotation. I better review my EKG reading this weekend!!!

I really enjoyed this past family medicine rotation in Katy. The phyisician and his staff were great! He's a very intelligent, compassionate, but strict doctor. He is great with his patients & staff, and runs a tight ship! I admire that. He was great about giving me good feedback, and a little constructive criticism. On my last day, which was this past Wednesday, he surprised me with a flattering question. "So, would you consider running the clinic across the street with another PA or physician?" HUH??? I replied with a "uhhh....maybe after some experience." He said,"Oh, you can do it have experience." WHAT??? I replied, "I would consider that kind of opportunity if the other person I was working with had a lot of experience case I have questions.".....I will have A LOT of questions. Well, it was very flattering. As I was leaving at the end of the day, he repeated that I should contact him when I graduate and that I would have a position. Again, very flattering. The only problem is that I don't graduate until December & then have to take my board I probably won't be ready/certified until Jan 2008....a year away. Can the 2 physicians that have offered me a position wait that long???? Well, I guess even if they can't wait, perhaps they would know other people at that time who will need a hard working PA. It definitely is nice hearing good feedback. It helps the confidence level. You know as a student, there are so many times that we question our abilities & are eager to gain more experience. So, the good feedback is much needed. :)