Monday, March 31, 2008

Ouch! My Gastrocs Hate Me!

Man, I am so out of shape, it's sad.

I ran the 5k SCOPE fun run this past weekend (for colorectal cancer research and awareness) & I am STILL sore! That is terribly sad. I used to run these no problem. But no more! I had to stop a few times, and I was walking yesterday and today like I am almost crippled. My calf muscles hate me so much right now. I think I am having calf muscle failure. Hey! It could happen!

You'd think this would be my motivation to get on our new elliptical machine....we got it last week & I still have yet to try it out. Maybe tomorrow my muscles won't hate me anymore & I can finally use it.

Well, we had CRAZY busy, but good weekend. Saturday morning was the run & we spent the rest of the weekend looking at homes. We looked at some new ones on Saturday & new & used ones on Sunday. We found one we ABSOLUTELY love, and we sooo wish we were ready to buy right now. However, we have to sell ours first. So, I think we might put ours on the market very soon.

It's amazing how emotionally exhausting this house hunting situation is. I feel like I need another weekend already. Unfortunately, dealing with major finance considerations, like a new house, REALLY stresses me out. In case ya hadn't figured this out about me, I worry about money WAY too much and freak out about debt. I really need to let some of that go. However, I feel that it has helped me stay conservative over the years and avoid unnecessary debt.

Can I have another weekend? Please?

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I know, I know. I haven't been blogging. I'm sorry. Get off my back, mkay?

But man, I am just too bloody exhausted when I get home.

AND our weekends have been jam packed with family, friends, cleaning, errands, and HOME HUNTING!!!

We keep flip-flopping on the home hunting and I think we are NOW leaning towards THIS area. It has a lot of trees, pretty houses, trails, etc & the commute won't be bad. We are going this Sunday to scope out some homes there. YAH!

Saturday, we are going to meet up with some of my co-workers, AKA the Pink Ninjas (we have rose colored scrubs at this hospital), for the 3rd annual SCOPE run & then lunch after. Should be a lot of fun. Either tonight or tomorrow night, I need to work on decorating my PINK handkerchief. We're going to look so awesome! ;) It's going to be a hoot. Poor Hubby. He signed up to do this Walk/Run with us & he doesn't know what he got himself into. HAHAHA. He's gonna think the Pink Ninjas are loony. But hey, with the seriousness we deal with everyday, we gotta have fun & laugh. These girls are great & a lot of fun. :)

Funny for the day:

So, at our hospital, we dictate our medical records over the phone and scribes type them for us. Some of the transcriptional errors are hysterical. Today I was reading one of mine that said, "The patient was instructed that he needs to continue to exercise more intraorally." I busted out with laughter and read it out loud to my officemates and every one laughed. Apparently intraoral exercise is good for one's liver and/or cancer. I am guessing I mumbled something like frequently??? and the scribe heard intraorally??? I dunno, but it was pretty darn funny.

See, we get to laugh here, too. I was laughing so hard with my clinic nurse yesterday, I had tears and nearly pee'd myself. ha!

Laughter is good. ;)

I know, I know....I need to post some pictures.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


is finally accepting someone who we probably couldn't have done anything for but there was so much push from a family member......

and then finding out they passed away the week they were supposed to fly here.

I am just glad they were home when it happened and not here (or worse on the way here). That would have been that much more tough on the family and everyone involved.

You see, there are reasons why some patients aren't able to be accepted. Not everyone is a "surgical candidate." Unfortunately, we cannot save everyone. I wish we could....

But sometimes God has other plans.

That was how my week started yesterday....

Cancer is not any easy disease to be involved in.

But there are a lot of miracles, too. I'll share those with you, too. Promise.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh, and Happy St. Patty's Day!


Oh my gosh! I am soooooo incredibly cranky right now, I can't even tell you.

I have been little miss cranky-McCrankerson ALL day & my patience (not patients...ha!) is lacking big time right now!!!

This has been a Monday!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Things I LOVE

Another things I LOVE post......

Thinking about Jen & her love of stilettos made me think how I wish I could wear them but my feet would hate me. The shoes I had been wearing at work were KILLING my poor footsies. BUT I did recently find some cute, girly shoes that I can actually stand all day in while in clinic and when I am walking around the hospital. I HEART them so much, I got them in black AND brown.

Aren't they cute?

I so love Born shoes (so does Hubby....he has more Born shoes & sandals than I do!!!!), AND I love these kind of cute, girlie heels with buckle straps. They are just so cute & can be a little sassy, too! :)

The Week in Review

First of all, I apologize for the lack of blogging. I have just been too tired during the week. I only have free time in the evenings these days, and it is just enough to hang out with the hubby, eat dinner, and pass out in bed.

Last week, ETK came for a visit, & it was great to see her as usual! Hubby & I are glad that she may be making more trips to H-town with the new job. YAH! More ETK! :) Then she and Hubby flew up to OK to visit Hubby's dad & TT. I couldn't make it up there since I don't have PTO just yet, but glad TT & Lovee got to spend some alone time with their kiddos. :) I spent the weekend resting & all day Saturday catching up with one of my girlsfriends & finally got to meet her new baby boy. She has 2 little boys now & they are both such cuties. NO, I am not getting any ideas....but I did have a STRANGE dream last night which I will save for another blog.

This week was my first week as a FO PAC as others have called me. FULL-ON PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT-CERTIFIED. ;) So, I can see patients on my own, bill for my services, write orders & prescriptions, etc. It was a busy week, but a good one. I feel like I am really starting to get the hang of it. YAH ME! :)

This was my first week to receive big thanks & a little gift from one of my patients. I worked hard to get this old man back to see us for a new tumor that had grown (the man is old & from another state) & thankfully my surgeon was able to get the tumor out. The patient was recovering in the hospital this week, but like a good little patient he got out of bed as we tell them to do (to prevent pneumonias and blood clots). He walked to the hospital rose garden and then walked all the way to clinic (on the other side of the building from the inpatient floors) to track me down. Lucky for him I was there that day b/c it wasn't one of my normal clinic days. He just had to give me a rose IN PERSON that he had picked from that hospital rose garden. How sweet was that!?! He is a cute old man, a bit crotchety at times, but cute none-the-less. He thanked me for helping "save his life." It definitely gave me warm fuzzies. That's why I am doing this job.

So, you have sweet patients like that.

Then there are the people that frustrate you. For example......WHY ARE YOU SMOKING IN THE PARKING GARAGE OF A CANCER HOSPITAL????? I don't know if this person was a patient or a visitor, but really. HOW INCONSIDERATE!! I understand that this is a difficult time, but why expose yourself and others around you to the carcinogens that probably helped you (or the patient) get to the hospital in the first place? No offense to the (unfortunately) many readers of mine that smoke, but I think most of you would be thoughtful enough to not smoke at/near a cancer center. P.S. You all need to quit smoking. OK. I'll get off my soapbox now. Sorry. You have to remember the people I am working hard/fighting for everyday now..... And I love you. And I care....

I need more coffee....

So the weekend: I GOT TO SLEEP IN TODAY!!! IT WAS SOOO NICE!!! :)

I think Hubby & I are going to spend this weekend planning for what we need to do to make our townhome ready to sell. We have more organizing, decorating, and cleaning to do before we can consider putting it on the market. I am sure we will look more online, too. Maybe drive around some more tomorrow. After some bad, long drives home this week (Hubby had one night where due to weather and a wreck, it took him over 2 hours to get home...rediculous!), I think he is getting more and more ready to move! :)

Know anyone that wants a well-kept 3 year old townhome? :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm Official!

I am now FINALLY fully licensed and credentialled!!! I've been certified ("C" after PA) nationally since passing my exam, temporarily licensed with the state and partially credentialed with the hospital, but now I have permenant EVERYTHING! So, now I can be a full-on PA with full-on responsibilities!! YAH!!

Every week is getting better, the overwhelming feeling is lessening, and the loving is beginning. :) Mas info later...

One of the Strangest Dreams Eva!

So, Tink wanted to know what one of our strangest dreams ever was, so thought I'd post about it & other dreams here.

Cuz... they're so weird...

Anywho, I HARDLY ever remember my dreams unless they are really scary or anxiety-type dreams like my teeth falling out (I've had that one a lot...several times during PA school). I had one last night where I was wearing the most SCROUNGIEST outfit to work! I had on a faded, thinned-out sweater and BLACK LEGGINGS that were also nasty, thinned out and one side had a hole in my inner thigh. I woke up and was all like, "What in tarnation was that all about? I don't have clothes like that!!!!!! AND WOULD NEVER look scroungy at work!!!!" I don't wear leggings. I did that in elementary school & I am NOT doing that style again. I refuse. BUT WHY HOLEY, SCROUNGY??? What was that all about???? That was totally an anxiety dream.

OK, so I think the weirdest dream I have ever had was this one......

When I was a wee youngin, I once dreamt that I went grocery shopping with my Mom after church one day and my Dad and sisters went home in our other car. So, it was just Mom & I shopping. As we come out of the store with a cart full of groceries, these 2 short, little old ladies come up to us looking like they need help. THEN, they start threatening my Mom and trying to rob us and want our car & groceries and her purse. These weren't little old ladies, they were 2 midget (or little people) men dressed as old women!!! Then I, in all my little-girl-I-have-super-human-powers-glory, I beat the living day lights outs of these small men and save my mom and the day!

How crazy is that???? I was probably like 8 or 9 when I dreamt that (so over 20 years ago) and I still remember that dream very vividly. Cuz it was so crazy!!!

I had multiple dreams throughout my childhood where I was saving family member and friends from bad people and dangerous situations. I wonder why?

Any ideas?

(p.s. for those of you who don't know me, I had a very good childhood and great parents, so it had nothing to do with them.)

What are some of your weird dreams?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What annoys you about yourself?

Do you have things about yourself that annoy you (& maybe others) at times?

One thing that annoys me about myself (sometimes) is that I am a repeater. I repeat stories that I tell other people because I can't remember whether or not I told them. AND SOMETIMES it is more than TWICE that I end up telling them. They are probably thinking something like, " I KNOW! YOU HAVE TOLD ME A MILLION TIMES! UG!" And I admit, sometimes I do know I have talked about it before, but am passionate enough about it, I feel it needs repeating. But it does annoy me sometimes....especially since I think I am probably annoying others. Oh well.

Another thing that annoys me that I have all of a sudden been doing a lot lately for whatever reason.....although this is pretty funny, too.....and I apologize for the that I have been putting on my underwear on inside-out ALL THE TIME now!!! What is wrong with me? Am I going blind? Am I still half asleep? What, I turn 30 and I can't bloody dress myself anymore?

I am so screwed when I get old. Hubby is totally going to have to take care of me.


Saturday, March 1, 2008