Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey Stranger! and More Randomness......... Tra La La

I am off from work allllll week! YAY! So, I thought I would blog. WHOA! Shocker!

Well, my cold that I have had for over 2 weeks is almost all gone. YAY! (Keeping fingers crossed.) This has been a bad winter for illnesses for everyone.

My wedding ring is in the process of being repaired. Boo. As you can see from the previous post, one of the pesky little sapphires decided to jump out and run away. :( So, the jeweler has to find a matching sapphire and fit it to my ring. It will probably be after Christmas when I get it back. Thankfully I have my "sport wedding band" to wear in the meantime.

OK. Time to complain. I whined a little about this on my Facebook page, but I have to complain here, too. :) So, Hubby and I were out this weekend finishinig up our Christmas shopping (we are done!!! YAY!). I saw someone I know and was flabbergasted...that's right...I said their response to my smiling and waving to this person. I don't think my explanation will do justice to how she acknowledged me. She sarcastically smirked (not a smile at all) and did a quick wave. Like, "Yah, I see you....and I could care less." I was like, "What the???" Hubby? Did you see that??? What kind of response is that? How incredibly rude. Look chic. Yes, you and I aren't friends, but we do know each other and we have mutual friends. What's with the rudeness? What did I ever do to you???? I don't get it. I am like the nicest person ever. ;)


So, on a final and VERY EXCITING note. The actual house building process has officially begun. I took a long time and paperwork to choose the home and at the options and stuffs that go with it. Hubby & I finally met with the construction supervisor last weekend and this week, they began!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


If anyone has found a missing immune system AND sapphire....please let me know.

I am looking for these items.

Wow, today is a crappy day!