Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Idol what?

Are Hubby & I the only ones on this planet who DO NOT watch American Idol or some other Idol.

Just curious.....

Go Spurs!!!


Wow! Life has been crazy, busy, and fun here and there. House on the market, house stuffs, work stuffs, travel to Oregon for a wedding, a Texaconsin was in town with her hubby & we got skilled on cycling, Alli turned another year OLDER (ug), a fancy-shmancy work dinner coming up, another wedding, Memorial Day, possible trip to San Antonio.....

Phew!!! I need a vacation. ;)

This is why I don't blog much anymore. Too tired & busy!!!!!!

I'll try to post some recent pics soon. I know you all miss my mug, doncha? ;p

Monday, May 5, 2008

Overheard at the Water Cooler

Nurse: calling out to waiting room in a timid voice. "Shady Nasty? Is there a Shady Nasty?"

No answer.

Nurse: a little bit of a louder voice "Um, is there a Shady Nasty? Shady Nasty?"

No answer, again.

Nurse again: Louder voice "SHADY NASTY? S-H-A-D-Y-N-A-S-T-Y."

LARGE female patient: "Oh no you di-int just mis-PRO-nounce my name. My name is pronounced Sha' Dynasty. With the comma on the top." (she means apostrophe...but calls it the comma on the top....)

So.... Of course we all cracked up with this story and are now saying... Sha'Dynasty with the comma on the top!

People are so silly sometimes...

This is a story about a nurse and a patient not from my place of work.

Friday, May 2, 2008

So Out of IT

Dude, I am so not with IT this days. By IT, I mean fashion. It's funny how one's priorities change depending on what is going on in life. All I think about these days is hubby, work, and homes stuffs. There doesn't seem like much room for much else. I TRY to squeeze my family & friends in as much as I can.

Anywho, so I was chatting with one of the new PAs that was hired a month or so after me today. We were talking about undergrad, etc, and fashion & shopping came up. Shopping for clothes? What is this? WOW. I haven't bought any new clothes in MONTHS! That is a longggg time for me. But even when I do, I stick to very few stores these days and usually things have to be on sale. Dept stores, The Gap, Express, Banana Republic, New York & Co. That's about the extent & then I get bored. Anywho, I haven't been in months, like I said...I find myself wearing scrubs a lot these days except on my clinic days (2 days a week). I have given up on my hair (hating it soooo much right now, but trying to give it a major chemical break). Anywho, back to this chickie was talking about these and that jeans and this and that brand.....I had no idea what she was talking about. Never had heard of them. I am so out of it with fashion these days. I just don't really care. I just want to be comfortable and try to at least look cute. When did I stop caring???? I guess being so busy has gotten in the way.

But I still hate my hair.

I think I need a makeover something fierce. So feel free to nominate me!!!

(oh, but I still have my Coach addiction....that will prob never die....bring on the Coach!!!!)