Friday, August 29, 2008

Big Heart

Wow! This woman has a HUGE heart!

It's people like her that I admire greatly...

Angel's Gate

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well, most of you already know that we already survived the move-out last weekend. The townhome is sold & we officially no longer own a home....for now.

We moved into my parents' garage apartment last weekend & are still a adjusting & getting settled. You'd think settling into a ~ 600 sq ft apt wouldn't take so long. We have most of our stuffs in storage and mainly just showed up with a bunch of clothes and of course the beloved flat screen. ;p OH yeah...and the furballs. So much for kicking the pets out of the bedroom....the apartment is a studio set up. :) So, yes, we are all adjusting to living in small space again.

BUT.... the apartment is adorable & very comfortable AND free! We are soooooo very thankful that my parents are willing to offer it to us for the months it will take to build the next one. Once we actually start the process (we hope next month), we were told it will take 4-6 months to build....which I bet really means 6-10 months.

The commute is a little less for Hubby and a little longer for me. However, it is very beautiful here in my parents' neighborhood. We practically live in a forest now! So many beautiful trees!

The first picture was several years ago when they first bought it. The second one is a more recent pic. They have done a lot! In the first pic, you can see that there is an apt above the garage...that's where we now live and will for the next 6+ months....

All is well! Now we just need to get the next home started! I think we will enjoy our short time here in the woods. It's so pretty here! I'll try to take some recent photos & get them posted. :)